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Saturday, September 11, 2010

When you know you should give up.

So, with little to do and even less to write about, I decided I'd blog about a little burst of inspiration that came to me in a dream. This dream was in the form of a commercial, perhaps you've seen it? I won't go into any details, but there were 5 people, in an elevator. Someone gets bitten. The end.

That's right. I've been pondering about M. Night Shamylan's movie career. I'm sure everyone has wondered this every once and a while. The man did make some good movies, but that was like, 20 years ago! Let's see, here's a list of movies he's made:

  • Praying with Anger- Hindu finds out his dick father likes him. He gets angry and prays.
  • Wide Awake- Never saw this. Don't know if I want to, I heard it wasn't all that successful. Anyone know what the famous 'twist' was?
  • The Sixth Sense- BAM! This was Shamylan's famous movie. Not spoiling anything, when Bruce Willis died, I started screaming at the screen, half laughing, half unbelieving what just happened. This was an expertly written script.
  • Unbreakable- In my opinion, this was attempting to be a cash cow on the success that The Sixth Sense was. Did it succeed? Hardly. I'd still recommend it, though. Bruce Willis is a badass.
  • Signs- Second BAM! Personally, I think this movie was okay. Supposedly, it really hit it off in the movies. I saw it on DVD though.
  • The Village- Hahaha. This is a pretty funny movie. We're all modern-day pilgrims because we hate the real world, and to top that off, we dress up like monsters and run around so people are scared to leave! YAY
  • Lady in the Water- I'm still not sure if I liked this or not. If you like mermaids and werewolves, and middle-aged hotel maintenance men, you may like this. Heard it wasn't that big of a success, either.
  • The Happening- Looked good, wasn't. Don't see this. Ever. Plants? Really?
  • The Last Airbender- I didn't see it, but I heard that Shamylan hates Avatar, so decided to sell his soul to the devil for the 20th time just so he could ruin it. 
  • Devil- This upcoming film is the reason I typed this out. Does this look good? Maybe. I thought it looked pretty cool in the theaters, up to the point where they pressed Shamylan's name onto the screen. There's definitely going to be a twist. They're stuck in an elevator, though. How good is the twist going to be if they're stuck in a damn elevator? 
I'll wait til it comes out on dvd. Either the girl that gets bitten fakes the whole thing, or they're all bad "whatever they are's". We'll see. Signing off.

Oh, and I just saw a commercial for Axe Detailers. Greatest catchphrase ever, or greatest catchphrase ever.

Axe Detailers: Cleans Your Balls

See above for catchphrase.



  1. Signs messed with me so I hate it.
    Youre an alien race who has mastered intersteller travel...your only weakness is water...where do you go?
    To a planet made up by over 70% water.

  2. the scene: Movie theatre

    the previews come on

    "From the mind of m. night shamylan"

    (Can you get rid of the captcha please, it's really annoying, lol)

  3. I got rid of it. If it asks again, lemme know (:

    and Signs ending was stupid. I remember that. Wizard of Oz meets Independence Day.

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  5. I'm going to see this tonight, hopefully its actually good and we see a twist like the Sixth Sense, or at least close.

  6. Yooooooo

  7. "Wizard of Oz meets Independence Day. "
    hahaha, so true

  8. WHAT? The Happening has Zooey Deschannel.. It's Zooey.. everyone loves Zooey..right? Am i right?
    Devil..i dont expect that much..trailer is funny.

  9. I am in love with Zooey Deschannel. I'm going to marry her. even though she's married to Ben Gibbard.

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  11. That reminds me the College Humour video they make about him ^^

  12. "Praying with Anger- Hindu finds out his dick father likes him. He gets angry and prays." I loled.

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  14. gurl u crazy

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  15. i actually really like signs:P

    lady in the water just gave me something to reference when im pretending to work out one side of my body at the gym.

    Airbender just made my hate aasif mandvi (who i prior enjoyed on the daily show)

    the village was an interesting idea i thought, but did not like it:P

    but seriously what the hell Shamylan.
    im curious about devil. curious.

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  17. Shamylan... makes somekinda movies... I honestly don't know what to think about ANY of his films...