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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ice Cream Social and Manly Zombie Games.

Hey all. I just got back from dancing the night away at a WILD and CRAZY Ice Cream Social! Don't believe me? Good! Because it was more like Cold Soup Crapfest by the time I left there. I'm pretty annoyed, but that's okay. I was in Technical Theatre today, cutting up some wood, when I decided to play this game I frequently do. If you haven't played it, its definitely something to try walking somewhere or even sitting in a busy room. Here it is:

 *Things Required: Your imagination*

1) Place self in an area or situation in which you'll come in contact with a group of people.
2) Now, pretend each person that you come in contact with has in fact turned into a zombie.
3) Use imagination and/or realistically try to get away from said zombies.
4) Survive, die, or get thrown in a mental hospital.
5) Be a zombie survivor.

Now, that's how I play my game. Amongst all the chopping and slicing of wood today, I'm sure I got a pretty decent grade ditching the class as I screamed like a lunatic out of the theater and into the street. That, my people, is why I am a genius, and a man.

Oh, and this is more of an announcement directed towards Warcraft players, or more likely, people that quit and have been waiting for a certain event with trolls and gnomes in them. That event is now out, after a few months of development. I'm pretty disappointed, as I renewed my subscription just to play them. Now I have the rest of the month to dick around. Anyone interested in a Tauren orgy?

 Which leaves me to ask the next question: is there an RPG (mmo or otherwise) that you love more than any other. Let me know what you think. I'm going to go punch dance myself to victory now. Laters.
For anyone who doesn't know what "Punch-dancing" is. However, I don't recommend this in blu-ray. It will force your eyes to explode. /:


  1. this is genius haha:)
    i wanna try this sometime in a mall or something:P

    keep in touch!

  2. interesting ;]
    "5"/5 :p
    <-- ehem

  3. I somehow read the title as "Manly Ice Cream and Social Zombie Games"

  4. idea is brilliant
    hotrod is not

    lold though

    also wow is a waste, but you clearly all ready realized that

  5. I loved this movie.

    "I used to be legit. I was too legit. I was too legit to quit. but now I'm not legit. I'm unlegit. And for that reason, I must quit. "

    Help support your local blogs.
    Biff Tanner

  6. Beta for FFXIV just opened up.
    It's worth a look.

  7. I love Hot Rod. Cool Beans~~~~


  8. I quit, but I'm nervous to go back. I'm scared it'll turn into the same old nonsense.

  9. its the same-old nonsense. you aren't missing anything. xD