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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Haven't Blogged in a While

Herro everyone! Contrary to how I was before, I've actually been really busy. Which surprises me. A lot. I had an anniversary to celebrate on Monday (me and my girliefriends. Thank you, thank you.) to which I decided I'd be an idiot and make paper flowers. You know what I mean, hand-cut and folded paper flowers? Well, in my head I envisioned them pretty perfect. They weren't, lol. They were falling over and all disgusting looking, but she still liked them. Just goes to show you how understanding someone you love can actually be. Like the Gift of the Magi. Except for giving them something they like, you give them badly-made things that smell nice, and its a happy ending.

But I did come up with a gem while I was out exploring. I enjoy playing scary games. I've played System Shock and Condemned and pretty much any game that has a worthwhile thrill to it. However, the passed week I found two different games that span the spectrum of fear, and by fear I mean both the prolonged "Shit, I can't play this anymore" fear, as well as the "Ah, that zombie sure did pop up fast. Good show, zombie."

These games are Amnesia: the dark descent, and Nightmare House 1 and 2 Mod for the PC. Let me tell you about this shit,

Amnesia is a super weird game when you first look at it. You have no weapons, no super powers. You're a normal, human being. Actually, you're worse. You're more of a coward then anything. The character starts out unconscious on the floor of an abandoned castle, with nothing. When you come across a monster, and you will, you run away like a little girl. This is normally where the fear comes in. The running isn't even all that fast, either. So, usually, you either run into yourself finding a room to hide in, or you wind up tiring yourself out being chased and flat out die. The fast-paced shocks you'll get from these encounters will actually keep you afraid for the entire playtime. I totally recommend this game.

Nightmare House 1 and 2 is a free mod for Halflife 2: episode 2. These games aren't all that long, but the entire game is filled, and yes, I mean filled to the fully-rotting house and infected hospital with scares that will get you every time. I enjoyed these games so much, I couldn't help but play them a second time. There's even an intricate story for those of you that like that shit. If you have halflife: episode 2 I would recommend buying this, and even if you don't have it, I would recommend buying it anyways. I mean, Halflife 2 is only 10 bucks, and the second episode is like, what, 7? For all the junk you can download online, I would totally say buy Halflife 2 or another source-powered game.

So, there we are. I decided I'd fill you guys in to the little gems I found.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M627-obxNzg <----Click that link. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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