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Friday, September 10, 2010

College on the Weekend

So, let's start off this morning (or afternoon, I woke up at 2:20, long night last night) with jumping into your perspective. Let's say your in college, reminiscing about your college days, or even looking forward to your crazy college shenanigans. Whatever, all three could work in this scenario. Let's also say its round out to be the weekend, and you wouldn't have any classes on, let's say, a humid-Friday afternoon. What would you be thinking about doing?

Now, some of you could easily say, "Oh, that's fucking easy. You're at a college, go party!" Yea, that would be a really easy thing to say. Here's the one setback. Where I live, there IS no partying. There's no happy-happy fun time. From my prior experience being here, being all that of....5 weeks, there -are- no weekends here. I'll name out the top 5 things people do at this WILD college on a weekend.

1) Shoot people
2) Go to a all-black Frat party (I was invited once. It wasn't too awkward until I got called out...by someone, I don't know, they all look the same.)
3) Turn your room into a fallout shelter and never come out until the coast is clear.
4) Kill yourself.
5) What I'm doing now. Blogging.

If I can instill any wisdom whatsoever to someone thinking of their options to go to college, I'd tell them one thing. GO. TO. A. BIG. FUCKING. COLLEGE. Or at least one that has parties on the weekend.

Or at least not CSU. -_- And yes, I'm transferring. -thumbs up-

Oh, and for an announcement-esque   type thing, supposedly Aion made an expansion a couple days ago? I briefly played the game, but now that you can have pets that hold shit for you makes the game all that much more riveting.

CSU on the weekends, and not a screenshot of Fallout 3.


  1. Funny stuff man, can't wait for when i start college in spring.

  2. Columbus State in Columbus, GA. Small, small college. I'm thinking of going to UGA, in fact, I'm not sure why I didn't go there in the first place.

    and yea, I'm a lazy-ass. xD

  3. Hmmm does CSU have a black sheriff that does no matter what you do? lol


  4. Good move get out of there FAST only in collage once. Do It Right

  5. Are you sure that's not Fallout 3. Because i really think it is. Oh well. Supporting!

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  7. And here I thought mass riots and car flipping was crazy for college...